Using Your Book

As corporate publishers, we understand corporate marketing and its imperatives. Each company has different reasons to produce a book. Some of the key benefits and uses of corporate books are outlined in this section.

The main purpose of a corporate book is to record a company's heritage, define its culture, then relate that culture to its current goals, its strategic imperatives and its vision for the future.

A corporate book is usually written and designed to deliver specific messages to an internal audience (management and/or employees), an external audience (clients, customers, industry, financial markets, government representatives), or both.

Books are a very valuable internal corporate resource because they:

  • • offer insights into the evolution and prospects of a business to investors – institutional, corporate and individual
  • • provide employees with a comprehensive document describing the company's past, present and future
  • • are an effective method of passing on the culture of your organisation to new employees at all levels.
  • • are an ideal way to provide current management with information on past events that have helped shape policy, investment and planning decisions
  • • provide managers and employees with a fuller knowledge of the company
  • • are a permanent record for the company in a rapidly changing business environment.

As an external corporate marketing tool, your corporate book can be used as:

  • • a presentation to key clients and customers and potential clients
  • • a sales support tool with tenders, submissions, proposals
  • • part of an investor relations program supporting roadshows and meetings with key financial partners, funding sources, media and industry commentators
  • • a means to reposition/reinvigorate your corporate brand or articulate a new vision/direction
  • • a support for major corporate acquisitions/divestments/ownership changes
  • • a way to leverage key milestones and/or messages (e.g. across corporate social responsibility measures, equal opportunity targets/reporting, community engagement).

We have created specifically targeted corporate books for Australia Post, Myer (twice), Westpac and Toyota, to name a few.