Strategic marketing with books

In the current commercial environment, it is increasingly difficult for companies to stand out from the crowd.

Yet a well crafted and produced corporate book can help you do so, and Focus Publishing has assisted many leading Australian companies to achieve this goal.

While the web and other media can provide factual information, a corporate book can communicate much more.

Among many other things, a corporate book from Focus:

  • • provides substance and credibility
  • • commands attention
  • • is a visual and tangible experience
  • • is valued and respected
  • • reaches the right people
  • • makes the right impression.

Corporate books are an effective way for companies, organisations and industries to deliver key messages to defined target audiences.

They are crucial strategic marketing tools because they:

  • • have credibility
  • • enjoy longevity
  • • can deliver several messages concurrently
  • • serve multiple purposes
  • • are produced on time and within budget (provided they come from Focus).