Marketing and Sales

Deciding whether to market a corporate book, and to whom, is a challenge. Just as each company has different publishing objectives, each has different views about the best way to achieve them. Issues that must be resolved include:

  • • How much should you say the book is worth? Are you sure you should place a dollar value on it? 
  • • Should you sell your book through traditional bookshops? How is this done? How many are you likely to sell? What is the likely financial return? 
  • • Do you need a bar code?
  • • Should you sell the book to staff or give it to them?
  • • Should you market the book outside the company?
  • • How long does it take to create a marketing plan?
  • • How do you deliver the book once you've sold it?

Focus can provide you with invaluable advice on these and other questions.