Corporate Culture

Every company, even a new one, has a corporate culture. Companies that cultivate, articulate and evolve their particular culture are the ones that survive and prosper.

Due to increasing volatility in the commercial sector over the past 20 years, it has become even more important to record and communicate corporate culture. With mergers, takeovers, acquisitions and buyouts now the norm, a new set of corporate identity dynamics has evolved.

As a result:

  • • corporate memory is becoming virtually non-existent
  • • financial and corporate stresses have increased skepticism about the traditions, the longstanding goals and the ethos of virutually any company
  • • new management wants to stamp its image on the relevant organisation yet retain those elements of the existing culture it has deemed to be valuable
  • • new management wants to understand the background of the company and the major decisions it has taken.

Each of the above is possible only if the company's heritage is recorded and accessible. Management can only learn from past events if their company's history and culture have been captured.

At Focus Publishing, the job of recording a company's history and culture in book form has been developed to a fine art. It is not undertaken within the arcane confines of a university library or a scholar's study. The active life of the business being examined is related via first-hand accounts of its evolution, and supported by a variety of living and non-living resources.

Focus has worked on corporate culture projects for Westpac and Woolworths, among others.

A Focus book captures the history and culture of the company in the spotlight – those elements which make the company unique and have given it its identity.