Booklets and Profiles

Not quite ready for a book? Focus does more than produce large corporate books. Over the years a number of our clients have asked us to create corporate profiles and booklets for them.

In many cases, the material that has been collected and prepared for their book can be reworked into another format.

Smaller corporate booklets and profiles, whether they be used to describe the heritage of the company or as a corporate marketing tool, have much greater circulation than full-sized books because their unit price is significantly less.

At Focus we term anything under 96 pages a booklet. Generally, publications of this size are bound with a soft cover.

Examples of some of our work in this area include booklets for Westpac, Orica, Vinidex, Globus, Mirotone, Aristocrat, Lincoln Electric, Thiess, De Bortoli Wines, Westpac and Toyota. Sometimes we are also able to reproduce extracts from such publications in industry or state books we are producing. For example, we reproduced a corporate profile we created for Orica in one of our own books, Focus on Australia. So, as well as getting a new corporate profile, Orica was featured in a second publication.

After we create your next corporate profile, if you want, we can provide you with a range of major industry books which can be personalised for a high-value corporate gift. To see how this works, go to Focus on Australia.